Hello world!

Empty Nest Syndrome lasted about a week before I woke up one morning and remembered I had dreams before I had children. One of those dreams was to write.  During the years of raising the kids and working to pay the bills, I had the opportunity to write.  Business letter, websites, convention brochures, and the occasional newsletter.  Through it all I heard ‘You can really write. You should write a book.”  I would graciously say “Thank You”, never sharing that I secretly wanted to do just that.  Why? Because I didn’t have the confidence I could do it, or would be any good at it.

But it sounded easy enough, even if I knew my chances were one in a million I could ever get a foot in the door. Cruising the Internet one night, I found a little site called “BookRix”.  They encouraged readers as well as beginning authors.  I devoured the books on the site and the more I read, the more convinced I was that I too could do this.

Common Sense told me it would be a long road ahead, and the little voice was right.  But what a ride……….

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