Secret Clubs

Remember when you were little and fascinated by secret messages. Trying to crack the code, knowing something no one else could figure out? Well for those of you who never cared about that stuff, sorry. But for those of you who are still adventurers, it’s out there, in the Land of the Electronics. In my younger years all I had to work with was pencil and paper, and computers took up whole rooms.

Now, there is this sleek machine under my fingers that eagerly awaits my commands. That is, if I can figure out how to ask. Unlike when I was a child, I no longer have that spirit of adventure. I want it simple. Easy to understand. Not in a secret language, not so complicated that I need to go back to college to figure it out.

I’m talking about websites, computer programs, social networking, etc.  When I decided to write a book I naively thought all I would have to do is write it. Simple enough with a computer. Then I decided to join the wave of independent authors and the wild world of e-books. As I waded in deeper, it got more complicated.

In the last 24 hours I have laboriously figured out four different sites.  Facebook I had been learning all along, spending hours on the little farm. Twitter wasn’t that much harder, though I couldn’t figure out why anyone would want to know what I was doing.  Now I’ve created the author blog here at WordPress. Let’s also not forget Pinterest, new Google mail box,  Page 99, Facebook writer circles, writer critique clubs and Smashwords.

Couldn’t anyone out there get all these sites to find a universal  navigation system? If the clothing industry can make a ‘One Size Fits All’, why can’t we all play nice and have one language, one working system, instead of reinventing the wheel every time a new site goes up?

So tonight as I sleep I won’t be dreaming of sugar plumbs or buried treasure, but of widgets, downloads, links, domains, tweets, time lines, likes, reviews, navigation bars……..zzzz