Windswept Hearts

Many years ago,  before I had children, I dreamed of being an author. Then the kids arrived, and things got to busy to think of any dreams except the ones I wanted to have during any sleep I could possibly grab.

So the years passed and one day as I was dealing with ‘Empty Nest’ syndrome it dawned on me, I could now chase my dreams of old. Suddenly I felt like a kid in a candy shop. Which one first?

After learning to ride a horse, travel, photography and volunteering, one day I ran across my old writings from high school and remembered I had wanted to write a book. I had loved sci-fi, murder mysteries, animal stories and romance. I decided to take several courses on writing to see if I could even do it. Found out I had been writing all along, just for business reasons.

Two years later, I am proud to release my first book, Windswept Hearts. A romance based on what I know best, the Wyoming way of life.  Check it out!