So You Wrote A Book

Your life long dream has been to write a book. Finally, you have the education, the life experiences, the time and all of your family and friends cheering you on.  For two long years you work, write, sweat, learn new invective’s, and finally it’s done. You decide to  e-publish because the response has been so wonderful with your family and friends.  The day arrives, and you have finally written a book.

Then it sits there while you languish and wonder, where are all the readers?

Not one hit, one buy, one review.  Where are all those wonderful family and friends?  You begin to wonder, were they just saying it to be nice? Can you really write? What if it’s horrible and nobody has the nerve to tell you?

I have developed a theory. First of all, those closest to you have heard the plot and development for two years. They don’t need to read the book! Secondly, they may not be readers, but simply wanted to be supportive. Thirdly, they are afraid to read it, don’t have time to read it and/or aren’t really  interested in reading it.

That’s what family and friends do. They are a great support system, but a support system isn’t the driving force to getting your book out there to the ‘real’ readers. Those who want a good story and to be entertained.  Your family was already entertained by watching the process of your writing and going bald.

The hardest part isn’t writing the book, it’s networking and connecting with your readers.  If you are going to go the e-book route, you will have to learn about ‘platforms’, emailing, Facebook, Twitter, websites, blogs and advertising yourself.  It’s at this point you will either forge ahead or continue to languish.

Meanwhile, don’t be upset with family and friends.  They did their job. They were the cheerleaders of the game.  Now, you have to get out there and play the field.