Common Sense Dictates

Common sense dictates that before one starts a project, you should accumulate all the information on how to go about it in the most productive way possible, so that you can succeed. As I pondered becoming an author I read about the process. I delved into traditional publishing, took a course on how to get my work out there, checked into how to do the best query letters, how to promote, how to find the best editing, and even took classes on grammar to brush up. But the thing that caught my eye was the new trend towards Indie Publishing.

I’m old fashioned, I thought the only good book was one that went through the traditional publishing route. I recognized though, the Indie route might help teach me more about writing and the process. I could dip my toe into the pool and test the water. So against all of my ‘common sense’, I decided to try Indie first.

The amount of information I had to absorb tested my aging brain to the max. I also learned to cuss like a sailor! I wore out a PC and a faithful laptop that I still mourn. But in the end, Windswept Hearts was born and I had the education of a lifetime.

I learned the limits to my computer skills and finally realized that, as in any business, I would have to invest before I made money. I decided that independence was over rated and I needed help. I had made a nice circle of supportive, talented friends in the various author sites I frequented. I turned to them and hired for mere pennies, massive talent. It’s been one of the best investments I’ve ever made. 

I started with Rick Carufel, to set up my manuscript for acceptance by Smashwords and Createspace. He was easy to work with and did a professional, awesome job in a timely manner. Within two weeks I had my book out in print and into a very expansive market.

I struggled with an author webpage, which every article I read suggested I have. I finally settled with Weebly.com. It seemed to be the most user friendly. Yet I struggled and grew frustrated. Again I researched the skills of my friends and when Lisa Logue offered to set up websites, I jumped at her offer. 

I can’t describe my joy every time I log into my new website. Her talents know no bounds. How she knew exactly what I liked and needed I have no idea. Now, I’m complete as an author!  

Will all of this increase my book sales? Yes, I’ve noticed an uptick in sales. Nothing major, but I’m just beginning. Of course, the entire goal of this project was simply to learn how it works and be able to do what I love to do, write. The Indie experiment has been a great success and I think has prepared me now to attempt the traditional publishing route. Why? Because I’m confident, more educated and  understand more about the competitive world of publishing. 

I wouldn’t have ever gotten here without those authors and entrepreneurs who gave me a hand up freely. To all of you, my most grateful thanks.

8 thoughts on “Common Sense Dictates”

  1. It was my pleasure to help you, Robynn, as you are a great friend to have in our little community. I’m just happy you allowed me to work with you in the midst of all my previous endeavors. As always, I’m there if you need me and am more than happy to help :).

  2. It was a pleasure to work with you, Robynn! You are a great friend and I’m happy I got to make your life a little easier. Also, I would not have been able to do it without your patience! Thank you for giving me the opportunity 🙂

  3. Oh, trust me, your brain isn’t as aging as mine. I managed Smashwords, but have my doubts about Create Space being in my range of capabilities. The cover too is something that is puzzling me. I am no artist. One site that a writer group referred me to has shut down. Hurray for all upticks in sales. I hope yours continue to grow.

    1. Hi Mari! Well look at it this way, we won’t have to worry about keeping our brains active! If you are looking for cover art check in with Yez Strongheart. She is quite creative and could give you pointers! Thanks for reading! Robynn