Halloween Blog Flash!

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Bleary-eyed I found my way to the dark kitchen. Searching in the night was a familiar routine. Filling my cup with water to take the new pain pill prescribed for my aching back, I glanced out the French doors to my porch and the dimly lit scene in the drive.

My heart stopped, my eyes straining to make out the shadowy figure. Leaning up against my SUV, an intruder was trying to break into the vehicle. I spoke softly to my dog lying by the door. “Do you see him, Ginger?” Her tail thumped quietly on the floor, her furry face gazed at me inquisitively.

She didn’t like to go out into the frigid night, especially when it was below freezing. But the menacing shadow was still there.  I had to quickly decide. Should I call the Sheriff? I lived six miles outside of town. Even on a good night when nothing was happening, it would take them at least fifteen minutes to reach us. What about waking my husband? No, I needed to protect him. The dog would get the intruder.

In my sleep-fuddled state, I acted like a character in a horror story. The ones I would holler at when stupidly they did exactly what I was about to do. I unlocked the door and then the screen door, ordering my dog out.  Didn’t she see him? Why wasn’t she tearing out into the freezing night?

Belatedly I realized my mistake. The fuzzy, dark intruder could now get into the house. Quickly I ran back inside, locking the door once again.  My bravado fled, and in panic I woke my husband who stumbled to the door. After looking outside, staring intently at the shadows there, he smiled patiently, asking, “Honey, how many pain pills have you taken?”

To this day, on a dark moonless night, if you look out my kitchen door, the light cast by our yard light will create the shadowed illusion of an intruder leaning up against the SUV door, eternally trying to break in.

Robynn Gabel


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16 thoughts on “Halloween Blog Flash!”

  1. One night I lay in bed for minutes convinced there was a face on the top of my bedroom drawers. Then the moon shifted and I realised that yes, there was: it belonged on my fluffy pyjamas that were waiting to be put away and had been knocked by the cats!

    Loved the post! Thanks for taking part!