Doing Your Book Writing Homework

So, you wrote a book. It’s downloaded on Amazon and now the wait begins. You check anxiously each day for reviews and sales. A few come through and you are excited. You just know it’s going to be a best seller. Six months later, your enthusiasm is gone and depression has set in. What happened?

During my writing journey I’ve been in many of these phases, but survived them quite well because I did my homework. Others I’ve met have not been so blessed. Just the other day I sat down to help someone and the ‘deer in the headlight’ look was evident when I showed them the social media platform they would have to navigate.

I know it was daunting and overwhelming when I started out. For years I had been studying not only writing techniques, but the book market. I went to work finding out what the difference between the process of standard publishing and independent publishing was. 

The query letters and rejection seemed daunting versus the instant gratification of seeing my book for sale but I knew there would be sacrifices to either route. I learned that either I could take my chances, have a publisher possibly accept my work and take less. Or I could learn to do it all myself.

Writing the book is the easy part. Self marketing versus publisher rejection is the hard part. Do your homework. Which is easier for you to take? A publisher, if they accept you, does all the groundwork. They edit three times over, design your cover, set up your advertising, plug you in to most of the social networking and push you to do book signings. 

As an independent, you do it all. You find the cover artist, the editor, set up the author website, the Facebook author page, the Twitter account, the blog, the Amazon Author Page, and any other connections. 

Which path you will choose to do is totally up to how much you do your homework. So many I have met, do the easy part. They write the book. Then, are overwhelmed when they find out the rest of the path. 

If you would like to start on your homework, I have developed an Authors Media Kit with all links and explanation of those site if you are interested. Would be happy to email it to you.

So you want to write a book? Research first. Do your homework. Which way do you want to go? Form a plan now before plunging in. Or your first book could be your last.


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