I Want To Be Average, Not Normal

OstrichYup, you read it right. I want to be Average, not Normal. Why?

Normal is an undefinable measurement. It is also putting you in a category, giving you a name, which will classify and define you. Normal seems to be good, but can be wielded as a battering ram. For instance, “Well that’s not normal.” “Normal people don’t do that.” “Can’t you just act normal?” “I just want to be normal.”

Normal is not the sum of a human being.

Average on the other hand, is not a total. It has some boundaries, but only in what you are averaging. In essence it has no parameters. It is a broad group, instead of a narrow few. Average gives you more room. More fit the description of average, than that of normal. And remember, normal is undefinable (as far as humans).

In order to get an average you take a number and divide it, to come up with a common number. So in an average group of humans you may have a wide range of skills with a wide range of abilities to do those skills. It puts me on the same playing field as my sister. So that even though I may be a straight A student, and she a C student, our average is B.  We are closer because of the common number rather than the discrepancies between and A (very good) and a C (passing).

Since there are so many variables that make up any one human, how can we define normal? Average on the other hand, takes those variables into account and evens them out. Yet it also gives room to stretch. You can be above average, or below average, but you are still in the group of average.

Normal is to narrow of a definition, average encompasses and includes us all.  I want to be average. It’s less lonely.