True Halloween Story


So I live out in the country and always have a small herd of cats. Of course I’m a responsible pet owner and I spay and neuter. Occasionally I take in a stray.  Sometimes the family will donate one to me when life circumstances dictate they need to move and can’t take their cat with them.

This is how a black cat called Ichabod came to live with us. My cats are all outdoor kitties. I provide them with a warm well house during the winter and plenty of feed. In return they keep my property mouse free. Ichabod was quite friendly, but he missed his two boys and having the luxury of being a house kitty when he wanted to. Eventually he adapted. His favorite place to sleep during the day and survey his kingdom was on top of our hay storage, under the metal lean-to cover. When ever I was working around the place I could feel his golden eyes watching me.

For over a year he has roamed and hunted until one afternoon I noticed the black form on the top of the hay had not moved all day. I knew. Just knew it wasn’t good. My husband hauled out a ladder and after climbing up to the tallest stack, confirmed my fears.

We buried him, and called the grandsons. They were quite upset, as expected. It broke my heart.

This morning as I went out to do the chores, my breath was a little puff cloud in the frigid air, and I remembered it was Halloween. Two steps later I stumbled over a black cat that seemed very happy to see me. We quite often get people who dump cats off, hoping we will care for their castoffs. I was surprised as this cat was full grown. He meowed and I shook my head. “No way. It sounds just like Ichabod. But it can’t be.”  Within minutes, my stunned mind finally realized, it was, indeed, the mourned and buried Ichabod!

He had been gone for over two weeks and was very hungry. I know it sounds creepy, but I was so freaked out I took a shovel and checked the grave plot. Yup, still a dead cat in it, but whose cat did I bury?!?!

At this time, we are thankful to have Ichabod alive and well. We have figured out that one of the strays in the area must have curled up in the sun and died in its sleep.

But just in case, if any of you are missing your black cat, I may have an idea where it is…….