Time to Viking Up!

Viking ship

NORSE HEARTS IS IN PRINT ON AMAZON! Ebook to be released 11-23-2018

The biggest item in my Bucket List is done! Since the first time I read a romance book, I desired to write a historical romance about Vikings.  I have always been fascinated by this culture that burst upon the world in the 800’s. Their tenacity to survive, their code of honor and their impact on the world created a respect that resonates with me.
The original story and characters that I have lived with for so many years surprised me when I finally had the time to sit down and write. I realized that the prologue, which described a scene about their parents, was actually a story unto itself. I’m not sure you start a series with the last story first, but that’s what happened, This is the beginning of actually five stories now. Each one related, but each one different.
So, at last, the book is written. But it took me far longer to produce than I had anticipated. Real life, with real death, interrupted the process. Of course after the loss of a spouse your whole life changes. Then there is the grief to deal with. In the end, these characters could not be silent anymore and Norse Hearts is now finished.
You can find out more details on this book on the website page marked “Norse Hearts”.  Unlike the characters in my first book, Windswept Hearts, you will find Serphina and Einar to be individuals who are hard-headed and opinionated. They were a delight to write about and I hope they entertain you as well as they did me.

So I invited you to get a taste, feel and glimpse of a time long ago as you entered the world of the Vikings. It’s time to VIKING UP!

2 thoughts on “Time to Viking Up!”

  1. Hi Robynn, Nice to ‘meet’ you. Thank you for liking my blurb… How interesting your book sounds! My eldest son, Jason, lives in Denmark with his partner, Ann – not far from Copenhagen.I’m sure he would be interested too..His web-site address is https://halfbananas.wordpress.com (He has a zany sense of humour by the way….as you’ll soon see!). Good luck with sales, Robynn. Cheers! Joy.

  2. Thank you, Joy! I would love to chat with your son. I know no one in Denmark, but would love to. Currently, my next book is actually centered in old Hedeby. One of these days it is my dream to visit Norway and Denmark. It is hard to write about someplace you have never been!
    Thank you for his link. I will check it out.