About Robynn Gabel

When I was a little girl, my mother used to despair over my tall tales. She would scold me saying, “I hope you can put that over-active imagination of yours to use someday, like writing books!” So I finally decided to be obedient and follow her advice.

My love of literature began with Dr. Seuss and hasn’t stopped since. I read avidly and since the advent of the Internet, I’m never at loss for material. Through the years I have written extensively for business. Proposals, letters, advertising,  convention fliers, and promotions have just been some of the material I’ve blindly produced.

Several years ago, I was talked into becoming the editor and producer of the church newsletter. During a search for material and formats, I ran across the Christian Writer’s Guild. They were having a writing conference in Colorado Springs and it caught my attention.  I convinced a friend of mine to accompany me on this adventure. I was star-struck to be in the same room as publishers, moved by the speakers and in awe of the attendee’s seeking to be noticed and hawking their wares.

I accidentally ended up sitting next to a publishing agent for Christian romances. After a nice chat, she asked if I had any material. Again, I was amazed. Someone thought I might be a writer?  A fire that had been smoldering since high school flared. I signed up for a two year, online course through the Guild.

Since then, it has been a journey equal to that of any of J.R.Tolkien’s characters. Through many adventures, I have journeyed such as blogs, formatting, editing, Facebooking, and programs of all sorts.  I’ve learned more about computers than actual grammar, but I’ve plodded on until my own masterpiece was finished.

I have an interest in several genres but for now, I’m starting with something simple, romances. “Windswept Hearts” is now available on BookRix, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.  Set in the contemporary west, it chronicles the struggles of a city girl who has inherited an unwanted cattle ranch. I’m currently working on several other projects including a paranormal story involving the mysteries of autism, and a historical romance set in the Viking era.

I’ve had many supportive people during this process including family, friends and all of my new acquaintances made through numerous author sites.  I look forward to continuing in this amazing journey of creating stories and hope you want to come along with me!


18 thoughts on “About Robynn Gabel”

  1. Robyn – wanted to say Hi – I like the synchronistic events surrounding your start into writing beginning with your mother’s suggestion. I like how it’s working out for you. Sounds like we might be fellow Coloradoans.


  2. Hi Robyn – Yeah! We are fellow Coloradoans. We’re up in the mountains in Bailey and absolutely love it. We’ve lived up here for over 30 years and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. You’re welcome for the comments and I’m happy to connect with a Rocky Mountain fan. 🙂


  3. It’s nice you still have connections with your son and his family out here. It sounded like you were still in Arvada. Where ever we land home is where the heart is. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend — up here at 8500′ elevations we’re bracing for some winter-type weather. It’s that time of year.


  4. Nice to meet you Robynn! I wish you the best of luck in your writing career!
    And I live in Colorado, too! How neat! You’re the second person I’ve met on wordpress that lives here! Glad to know there are more writers so close to home!


    1. Hi Briana,
      Nice to meet you as well. What part of Colorado do you live in? I actually live in Wyoming currently, though I grew up in Colorado. Ever hear of Wheatridge? I live in Lander, WY up against the Wind River mountains. I miss most the Christmas lights at the Civic Center in Denver the most. I’m so amazed at the growth of Denver. I remember when Thornton was just fields. Looking forward to reading your blogs. Robynn


      1. Hi Robynn,
        I live near Cortez. And I have heard of Wheatridge! I’ve also heard of Lander, though I’ve never been to either place. I went to Denver last fall, and was amazed at how much bigger it was than in 2003.
        How the weather is nice for you up there!
        Yours truly,


  5. You can’t go wrong with Dr. Seuss! Unfortunately for me, I didn’t get to enjoy Dr seuss until my college days. After reading many classics and Tolkien. I started with The Cat in the Hat…and graduated with Green Eggs and Ham. 😉


  6. Hi Robynn,

    Months ago we had chatted on one of your blog posts about indie writers and working hard to still produce a quality piece of work. You had mentioned for me to let you know when I published and that time is finally here! Would love to connect with you, and don’t want to do any of my own horn tooting here. You can e-mail me: LauraBrownAuthor at gmail dot com.

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